The Enterprise Natural environment

The Enterprise Natural environment

The business environment exactly where Bubbleshish aims to determine a company premises is inside the proximity of other business by using a similar small business notion of selling beverages and Shisha. Amid these rivals contain Carpo, Mamonia, Drunch, Chat Time, Share Tea, Electric, EFO restaurant, Granger & Co. SANTO, PIZZAEAST, and Dar Marrashek for both local and London-based competition.

Concerning the target market, a segmented approach is recommended upon which social statuses and age groups are amongst the target segments. Based on the market research on the consumption of Bubble Tea and Shisha, two age cohorts are identified to relate to the products. These involve the teenagers who are into bubble tea and young adults who consume shisha. Besides, the segmentation to consist of VIP services indicates the economic statuses which include things like middle to high-class people (Honig, & Hopp, 2016). On the other hand, the dominant gender for the target market is mainly male indicating a higher consumption rate for drinks such as coffee & the bubble tea and the smoking of shisha. The supply chain will aim to acquire the respective raw products from the Portabello Road market, Shisha from Morocco, and tea from India. Vegetables, meat, and chicken will be acquired on a daily basis indicating a high customer turnover.

The Product/Service Description & USP

The major focus of the enterprise is to set up a normal cafe which covers most or some of the menu items found in a normal restaurant. However, the bubble tea and shisha are the main products for sale as they attract a decent market share from the young adults and teenage age groups. On the other hand, the business enterprise also diversifies to fruit beverages between them fruit juice and fruits. Vegetables, meat, and chicken are available for whole meals within the premises. These serve as daily raw products for the preparation of foods for guests.

The arrangement of the cafe also gives internal segmentation a meaning by ensuring that VIP and the restaurant lounges are free from smokers. Since shisha is smoked and also a main product on the menu, it is observed that a separate comfortable compartment will serve the young adults interested in the menu item. Lastly, to ensure good service and service of healthy and clean foods for consumption, the cafe aims at outsourcing raw materials from trusted suppliers from the local market, Morocco, and India for selected products such as fresh fruit, vegetables, chicken, and meat.

The Marketing Area

With respect to the market at hand, the cafe does not aim at targeting more than the residents of the housing projects within just the Portabello road. As such, visitors to the Portabello market make the priority customer-target while the dwellers of the local area are among the the drivers of the enterprise idea. With the ready market, the restaurant will attract a large market share through WoM (word of mouth) (Hollensen, 2015). Also, social hurdles will be used to generate traffic based on information offered about available products as well as variations in tea and shisha flavors.

Marketing, in this case, is considered a crucial item in the organization planning. The business’s plan on marketing segments the available market through the recognition of demographic properties. Among these properties include the average age composition of the target audience as well as financial abilities of different groups (Moller, & Parvinen, 2015). The middle class and the upper class are among the major comprising groups of the target market. These groups are reliable for business sustainability based on spending behavior and economic stability.